Turbine Rotors

Single stage or multi-stage rotor assemblies.
Complete manufacture and assembly.
Dynamic balancing.

Rotor Shafts

Precision, high tolerance shafts.
Specialty coatings.
Special alloys and forgings.

Glands, Seal Rings, and Labyrinths

Specialty cast materials
(i.e. bronze, aluminum and brass).
Honeycomb and babbitt seal rings.

Throttle and Trip Valves

Complete manufacture, assembly/fitting, and testing.
Diagnostic inspection and/or repairs.


Bearing procurement.
Instrumented bearings and sensors.

Bearing Brackets

Bearing Brackets.

Turbine Nozzle Blocks

Welded or drilled nozzle blocks.


High temperature hardware.
Large or small capacity.
Specialty gaskets and o-rings.

Service and Inspection

Discovery of cracks, flaws or other indications in castings.
Wear measurement and part assessment.
Non-Destructive Testing.
Inspection reports and photos.
3D modelling and reverse engineering.